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Warwickshire County Council and partners are encouraging Warwickshire residents to become a Dementia Friend to pledge their support to people with dementia, and taking the number of Dementia Friends across the county to 30,000.

In Warwickshire, according to latest estimates, there are 7,500 people living with dementia and this is likely to rise to over 11,000 people in the next ten years. The fact is that most people in Warwickshire will be affected in some way by dementia during their lifetimes.

Dementia Friends is a national initiative led by the Alzheimer’s Society based on the principle that people with dementia can live well with a little help from other people. Becoming a Dementia Friend is about understanding a bit more about dementia and the small things that can help people with the condition. You don’t need to already know someone with dementia to become a Dementia Friend.

Become a Dementia Friend in the following ways:


Employers are also encouraged to share this message with their employees as the Alzheimer’s Society can help employers who are looking to have their workforce signed up as Dementia Friends.

Monica Fogarty, Joint Managing Director of Warwickshire County Council, and a Dementia Friend, said: “The creation of almost two million Dementia Friends across the country by the Alzheimer’s Society is a wonderful achievement. Now we look to Warwickshire and our own mission to support the creation of 30,000 Dementia Friends across our county.

“I would urge everyone to attend one of the face-to-face sessions if they can, where they will gain a broader understanding of the issues associated with dementia and discover the small things they can do to make a big difference to people living with the condition. If you can’t attend a face-to-face session, you can still get involved and help us towards our target by visiting the Dementia Friends website and becoming a Dementia Friend.”

Anyone wishing to become a Dementia Friend can visit: dementiafriends.org.uk

For more information and support on living well with dementia and Warwickshire’s Living Well with Dementia Strategy, visit: warwickshire.gov.uk/dementia

If you are an employer in Warwickshire or wish to request a Dementia Friends information Session for your group, please contact keeley.waldron@alzheimers.org.uk for further information.