Dementia is a big deal

Dementia is a big deal. There’s no getting away from it. It’s a big problem for society today, with an estimated 800,000 people currently living with a dementia diagnosis, and vastly more projected to be diagnosed over the coming decades. As there is no cure or effective treatment on the horizon for the various conditions that fall under the umbrella of the term dementia, it’s a problem that is not going away.

Many people still do not know much about dementia and misconceptions about the associated conditions are frequent.

Many people are also frightened of dementia and reluctant to think or talk about it, both before and after a diagnosis.

This year (and beyond), the Living Well with Dementia Partnership plan is to address these issues through consistent information and the provision of quality, modern, services and support.

1 thought on “Dementia is a big deal”

  1. Jan Aniskowicz said:

    How do you get around the very common denial of problem by the sufferer?- this is extremely frustrating and demoralising for carer and GP. Without this acknowledgement it is difficult get help. Sending a questionnaire to be filled in by the unwilling patient is not productive

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