Warwickshire County Council’s Localities and Partnerships team in North Warwickshire, and North Warwickshire Borough Council ran their first Dementia Event on Tuesday 31st January. The event aimed to increase awareness of dementia and support organisations and communities within North Warwickshire in order to become a Dementia Friendly Community.

The event was a huge success and was attended by around 60 people from across both the Voluntary and Public sector. The day included a number of presentations on a range of topics including dementia awareness, case studies from communities and dementia friendly environments which encourage organisations to make small changes to public used buildings in order for people living with dementia to feel more comfortable and supported. The event concluded with all attendee’s making a pledge to help support dementia work in the borough.

19 attendees also became Dementia Friends on the day by attending the Dementia Friend’s session at the end of the event. These events will now be run annually and themed around a specific area of dementia.

Dementia day pic