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Awaken the Arts

This session looks at highlights from our paintings collection and includes works by Sir Thomas Lawrence, L.S. Lowry and Ben Nicholson. Themes include portraits, landscapes and abstract art, and we explore how painting styles changed over time. Participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts on the themes and emotions evoked by the works of art.


Back to my Rootes

This session will take you through the history of the Rootes Group car manufacturer and its importance to the local area. We will make pit stops along the way, taking in the competition department, farming, show stoppers, Royals and Rootes during WWII.  With the use of images, original documents and objects to enhance the experience.


These sessions last between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on the needs of the group. To cover travel, staffing and resources, outreach sessions cost £45 for Coventry based sessions and £55 for sessions in Warwickshire.

For more information or to book a session contact Stacey Bains on 024 76237537 or email stacey.bains@culturecoventry.com