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The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme which has been adopted by Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police. It encourages carers, families, friends or neighbours, to hold information about the person with dementia that can help the police find them if they do go missing. The information will help the police and other agencies locate the missing person as quickly as possible and return them to safety.

The basis of the scheme is to record vital information about the person in one easily accessible form, such as:
– medication, description, photograph,
– significant places in the person’s life,
– their daily routine and previous home address

Here is the link to the Herbert Protocol printable Herbert Protocol form.

The form is retained by the Care Home or Individual Responsible. It is the responsibility of the Care Home/person in charge of the individual to ensure the form is completed, kept up to date and stored appropriately. The form will only be requested by Police when the person goes missing. Forms must be returned to the Care Home/person responsible once the information contained has been recorded on Compact Missing Person IT system.

The Forms can be scanned onto the persons Compact Missing Record, in the documents section and Tasks should be created as with any other missing person investigation.

The Herbert Protocol can be extended to families who are caring for an elderly relative or a person who takes an active role in the care or welfare of an elderly neighbour. However these people can sometimes get overlooked since they are not part of a larger organisation or Care Home.

More information can be accessed via Warwickshire Police website: The Herbert Protocol