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Atherstone Library will be hosting their second singing session for people with dementia  on 8th December.

Singing with people who have dementia builds on the fact that people with dementia can recall words of songs and melodies after other memories have faded. Singing can help people with dementia communicate and provides opportunities for people to express, explore or reflect on their emotions.  Some studies have shown that engagement in creative activity can help people to build a resistance to stressful situations that prevent them dealing with progressive health changes.

The condition of dementia is associated with profound and prolonged adjustmentshutterstock_3994576, for the people living with the condition and those closest to them. These adjustments relate to changes in an overall sense of wellbeing, communication (i.e. speaking and expressing needs and emotions), living in the world with others (relationships and social life), cognition and understanding – making sense of world and making decisions, organisation and structure, skills and physical abilities.

Through the music, confidence, mood and self-esteem are boosted.  But singing can also help to develop muscle mobility in face, throat and chest, which can collectively strengthen voice production, improve lung activity and capacity and improve posture.

As a creative and social activity, singing regularly in a social environment could support the well-being of people living with dementia and the people closest to them and help them deal with life changes.

Have fun together sharing memories with favourite songs,  as well as books and pictures at Atherstone Library. The next singing session will be held on:

Tuesday 8th December at 2.30pm

Atherstone Library, Long St, Atherstone, CV9 1AX.

To book a place please contact Atherstone Library on 01827 721675.